Ripple Charts Update: Customizing Gateway and Currency Lists

The Ripple ecosystem has many participants including gateways, market makers, and users—and we want to make it easier for you to customize the currencies and gateways that you access on Ripple Charts.

Although we have done our best to update the gateway list as often as possible, we are now launching a new feature that will allow you the ability to customize the currencies and gateways available in your Live Charts. The great news is that not only can you customize and add currencies and gateways to your hearts desire, you can also remove currencies and gateways that you never look at, enabling a more customized experience.

Customizing your currencies

Are you the type of person that might only look at 1 or 2 currencies on a regular basis? With the new dropdown customizations, you can now select the specific currencies that you would like to view.


1. Select on “Edit List” in the currency drop down.



2. You can also manage and deselect any currencies you aren’t interested in.



3. Return to the live chart to see your customized list!


Adding new currencies and gateways

Have you ever wanted to see Live Charts for a trading pair that wasn’t supported by the defaults provided by Ripple Charts? You can now add as many custom currencies and gateways as you choose.


1. Go back to the currency and gateway customization page and add your custom currency in the bottom field.



2. Once the currency is added, go to the “Manage Gateways” tab and select the custom currency you want to customize. Select or deselect any gateways that can be associated with the currency or add a custom gateway with the Ripple address or Ripple name.

Currency and gateway customization is only available on the ‘Live Chart’ page as of today. We plan to implement these customizations in the ‘Multi-Markets’ page within the next couple weeks.

Lastly, you’ll notice a slight facelift in the dropdowns as we’ve added new shiny logos for any gateways registered with the International Ripple Business Association (IRBA), a non-profit that sets standards and admits gateways based on their eligibility. Ripple Labs would like to promote best practices around compliance by featuring the logos of gateways that are members of IRBA and KYC their users. If you’re an IRBA member and not listed please contact our support team at . Also, please visit IRBA to become a member.

We hope these updates will provide benefit to those who’ve wanted some flexibility.

By Norman Hsieh
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