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BaFin – Kryptoverwahrgeschäft

BaFin nimmt Interessenbekundungen entgegen Durch das Gesetz zur Umsetzung der Änderungsrichtlinie zur vierten EU-Geldwäscherichtlinie wird das Kryptoverwahrgeschäft als neue Finanzdienstleistung in das KWG aufgenommen. Das vom Gesetzgeber bereits beschlossene Gesetz tritt am 01.01.2020 in Kraft. Unternehmen, die dieses Geschäft dann erbringen wollen, benötigen eine Erlaubnis der BaFin. Die BaFin bittet interessierte Unternehmen bereits jetzt um eine formlose und unverbindliche Interessenbekundung. Anträge für die Erlaubnis zur […]

Getting Deep Into EVM: How Ethereum Works Backstage

An Ultimate, In-depth Explanation of How EVM Works. Source: https://medium.com/swlh/getting-deep-into-evm-how-ethereum-works-backstage-ab6ad9c0d0bf This post is a continuation of my Getting Deep Into Series started in an effort to provide a deeper understanding of the internal workings and other cool stuff about Ethereum and blockchain in general which you will not find easily on the web. Here are the previous […]

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New law makes Germany “crypto heaven”

The legislation enables banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies from January 1, 2020. Other providers will now require a German license. The German parliament today passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies from next year. The new legislation will come into force on 1 January 2020, and will require current custody providers and […]


German Bayern-LB predicts Bitcoin to reach 90.000$ in 2020

“The stock-to-flow approach originating in commodity-market analysis serves to quantify the ‘hardness’ of an asset. Applied to Bitcoin, an unusually strong correlation emerges between the market value of this cryptocurrency and the ratio between existing stockpiles of Bitcoin (‘stock’) and new supply (‘flow’),” they say. Source: https://www.bayernlb.com/


What You Should Know Before Putting Half a Million DAI in Compound

You’ve probably heard of Compound. They built compound.finance on Ethereum which allows you to lend and earn interest on your ETH, DAI, USDC, and several other ERC20s.
Today, the interest rate offered to DAI lenders is 10%, which is high enough to turn EthHeads’ heads (see cover photo).
As the CEO of SpankChain, it’s my job to manage the company reserves, which also includes nearly half a million DAI. At 10% annual interest, that’s ~$4,000 per month that we’re leaving on the table by not moving our DAI into Compound. That’s quite the opportunity cost. But the thing to remember when investing is that there is no free lunch. All investments have their risks and lending on Compound is no exception.

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The LAO: A For-Profit, Limited Liability Autonomous Organization

Source: The LAO – Medium · 11 min read OpenLaw will be launching the first limited liability for-profit DAO, named the LAO. The LAO will enable members to invest in Ethereum new ventures and generate a profit. A new era of DAOs is beginning. The LAO: A For-Profit, Limited Liability Autonomous Organization Since first proposed in 2013, the notion of […]

Semaphore, a privacy gadget built on Ethereum

by Koh Wei Jie · 8 min read Railway semaphore signals. Source: WikiMedia Commons This year, Ethereum has undergone a privacy renaissance of sorts. Encouraged by prominent members of the community, researchers, programmers, and DAO funders have collaborated to accelerate the ideation and implementation of privacy solutions, particularly those which employ zero-knowledge proofs. We are now at a […]

Freezer – separate Geth onto two disks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we didn’t have to waste so much precious space on our expensive and sensitive SSDs to run an Ethereum node, and could rather move at least some of the data onto a cheap and durable HDD? With the v1.9.0 release, Geth separated its database into two parts (done by Péter Szilágyi, Martin […]