Temenos only vendor to be named “Top global player” and “Global Power Seller” in banking platform sales by independent analyst firm

Survey from Forrester research shows that Temenos took considerable market share in 2013

The independent survey, conducted annually, assesses both the volume and the geographical spread of banking platform sales to new and existing customers. Forrester defines a banking platform as a “comprehensive, but basically modular, preintegrated set of banking applications that is designed to cover traditional areas of banking like retail and corporate banking.”[1]  In 2013, Forrester evaluated more than 1,630 deals submitted by 29 vendors to arrive at its rankings for new name and extended business sales.

For the 9th consecutive year, Forrester awarded Temenos the highest status of “Global Power Seller” in its ranking of sales to new name customers. In order to be named a “Global Power Seller”, vendors must record more than 35 new name deals across more than six regions of the world. Temenos was the only vendor to achieve the status of “Global Power Seller”.

In addition, Temenos was also the only vendor to be awarded the status of “Top Global Player” in respect of sales to both new and existing customers, with 124 deals, 8% higher than in 2012. To qualify as “Top Global Player” vendors must evidence at least 75 customer sales in a minimum of six regions. This is the second year that Forrester has examined both new and existing sales and the second year that Temenos has been the sole recipient of the “Top Global Player” award. Interestingly in 2013, no vendor achieved the secondary status of “Major Global Player”, for which it must achieve more than 50 deals in three regions whereas in 2012, three vendors held this status.

During a webinar to announce the findings from the upcoming report, Jost Hoppermann, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester noted:

“Positions on the market are changing. Overall, the market grew by 4% but the top 10 vendors’ share of deals fell by 12%. The best performers were able to leverage existing good customer relationships to take market share.”

David Arnott, CEO of Temenos, commented:

“We are delighted with the findings from this study, which underline the extent to which Temenos took market share in 2013, particularly against the largest vendors. We are the clear leader in banking platform sales with also the broadest geographical reach. This success owes to a broad set of solutions able to meet the banking industry’s needs for efficiency, agility, actionable analytics and cutting-edge multi-channel capabilities as it faces up to structural change in the form of changing customer behaviour, a changing competitive landscape and new regulation. We are confident we can consolidate further our leadership in 2014.”

Temenos’ solution to enable enhanced customer service and expanded customer base

GENEVA, Switzerland – 12 March 2014 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the market-leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the financial services industry, today announces that it will be providing Attica Bank with Temenos Connect, its front office solution which enables the provision of multiple banking services across multiple delivery channels.

Attica Bank has 400,000 customers across 80 branches, and is the largest non-public bank in Greece, following the large-scale recapitalisation of other banks by the public sector in recent years. It acquired Temenos Connect to innovate its channel offering for both internet and mobile. The bank currently offers only internet banking.

The implementation of Temenos Connect will allow Attica Bank to replace its outdated existing solution. Temenos Connect will enable it to offer better services to its existing customer base, and provide the opportunity to increase customer acquisition. It will also differentiate the bank from its key competition, and allow it to offer enhance its services offering in areas where of no local presence. Attica Bank with an network of 80 branches need to compete  several local competitors that have in-excess-of 700 branches, so it recognises the importance of offering more services remotely to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Temenos Connect will also assist Attica Bank in its aim to divert its customers from using branches for transactions, and refocus the branches as points of sale and service.

Attica Bank is currently creating its go-live plan, intending to complete the implementation in the following months. It has decided to perform most of the implementation in-house to gain the necessary skills to evolve its services with its own resources.


Mark Winterburn, Group Product Director at Temenos, said:

“We are delighted that Attica Bank has chosen Temenos Connect as its front office solution. The Temenos User Experience Suite offers innovative products in terms of technology and functionality, with the ability to service all channels through a single platform. It will benefit from the flexibility of the system to perform changes and offer services, as well as an improved time to market. The bank will also be independent from the channel system vendor to implement and evolve the channel offering.”


Stefanos Korodimos, CIO of Attica Bank, commented:

“Following the recapitalization of the bank and understanding the need to compete with much larger institutions Attica Bank had to differentiate its value proposition to the market and offer enhanced services and products. As part of its strategy, Attica Bank has been looking into acquiring an innovative solution to replace the current internet banking infrastructure. The Temenos Connect platform was selected as the best means to effectively manage the integration and deployment of services across multiple channels. Branch, internet, tablet, mobile, phone all will eventually be routed through Temenos Connect ensuring the same high End User Experience Standard.“

Source: temenos.com

IBS Intelligence again ranks Avaloq bestselling private banking solution in the world

The Avaloq group, an international leader in integrated and comprehensive banking solutions, today announced that its Avaloq Banking Suite was again rated number one private banking solution in the 2014 edition of the IBS Sales League Table. This marks the second year in a row that Avaloq has been awarded with the top rating.

The IBS Sales League Table is a widely acclaimed barometer measuring sales activities of international core banking systems. The ranking confirms Avaloq’s continued strong performance in the most demanding financial centres in the world and its unique positioning in the wealth management sector. Avaloq closed new outstanding deals in the tier one segment for both banking solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

“Avaloq’s top ranking in the prestigious IBS Sales League Table is a great recognition of our achievements. Significant international customer wins in 2013 such as Canaccord, HSBC and Deutsche Bank further underline the success of our strategy and solutions. Avaloq has continued to invest more than 50 per cent of its product related revenues into R&D, which is far above industry average. As a result of this innovation power, our customer base has doubled in the past five years and these days over 3,000 billion US Dollars are managed with our solutions”, said Francisco Fernandez, CEO of Avaloq.

Avaloq – Press Release.pdf

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Montag, 10.03.2014

Auszeichnungen für Avaloq und Temenos

Der Zürcher Bankensoftware-Hersteller Avaloq hat wieder eine Auszeichnung bekommen. Gemäss dem „IBS Sales League Table 2014“ führt die Avaloq Banking Suite erneut die weltweite Rangliste der Private-Banking-Lösungen an. Damit erreicht Avaloq zum zweiten Mal in Folge den Spitzenplatz in diesem Ranking. Die „IBS Sales League Table“ ist ein Barometer für die Verkäufe internationaler Gesamtbankenlösungen.

 Auch der Genfer Avaloq-Mitbewerber Temenos wurde von IBS ausgezeichnet. Der Softwarehersteller teilte letzte Woche mit, dass das Produkt T24 die bei weitem best verkaufte Core-Banking-Lösung im Jahr 2013 war. 

Number of new name core banking deals more than double nearest competitor

GENEVA, Switzerland – 6 March 2014 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the market-leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the financial services industry, today announces that IBS Intelligence has ranked Temenos T24, Temenos’ core banking solution, in the top position in its 2014 Sales League Table, an annual ranking of core back office systems sales to new name customers across the banking and treasury and capital markets.

T24 was by a large margin the best-selling core banking product in 2013. While T24 has held one of the top two positions in the league table for 15 consecutive years, its lead over the rest of the market is growing. According to the 2014 league table, Temenos recorded more than twice the number of deals as its nearest competitor – for the second straight year.

Temenos was one of very few vendors to see growth in a market that remained relatively subdued in 2013.  According to the IBS League Table, Temenos signed 35 new name customers in 2013, a growth of 3% on the year before, whereas the overall market saw a contraction of 18% in deal volume. The decline was seen particularly at the top end of the market with T24 being the only one of the top five market products to increase its sales. T24 recorded deals across multiple banking segments such as retail, corporate, private wealth and Islamic banking, in every continent of the world and with installations both on premise as well as hosted. Significant new name wins included KBC in Ireland and Aktia Bank in Finland.

The results of the IBS Sales League Table reinforce the findings from the Forrester “Global Banking Platform Deals 2013”.  This Forrester survey, conducted annually, assesses the volume and the geographical spread of banking platform sales and takes into account sales to both new and existing customers. This survey identified Temenos as the sole ‘Global Power Seller’ in respect of new name sales and the sole ‘Top Global Player’ in respect of combined sales to new and existing customers.

David Arnott, Temenos CEO, commented:

“We are delighted that Temenos has once again been ranked number one in the IBS league table. The results clearly show the enduring nature of our market leadership as well the fact that we are consolidating that leadership position, both of which owe to our business model founded on industry-leading levels of R&D spending channelled into a concentrated suite of packaged and upgradable applications. Our business model ensures that our solutions remain technologically advanced as well as extremely functionally rich which, together with our partner delivery model, enables us to deliver the highest levels of customer success in the industry. The results also demonstrate that, as Temenos has broadened its product and sales coverage into adjacent markets such as channels and payments, we have lost none of our focus on core banking and, in fact, having a rich, multi-product offering is helping to drive core banking sales and underpin our market position.”

Source: temenos.com